2 easy steps to level up your SEO

By olive 11 months ago
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Have you ever wondered how you can make your school more popular? You have different ways to make your school well known. One of them is SEO, doing improves your school’s visibility as it ranks higher when a search is performed.

When it comes to school choices, parents would be looking online or attend the open house. Its good to be the first few URLs that appears on the search results.

Here are the actions that your school can do:

Understanding the critical information for visitors

When looking for a school, visitors would look at what are the school strength like arts, leadership and also parents would look at awards, testimonials, and facilities in the school so this is important to market your website to be a way where the information required is collated in one section or easy to find.


Having important keywords

When it comes to keywords, don’t just pick similar and straightforward things about another school. Let’s say your school is good with arts, choose keywords that relate to your school as it would be easier for people to notice your school website. Search engines will pick up quickly too, rewarding you rank-wise on the search result.

This would help your school a lot to get new students from the internet and its a great way to market your school. If you unsure you can approach an SEO agency to help as there are cheap SEO service in Singapore widely available.

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