2 Precautions To Avoid Cyber Attack

By olive 5 months ago
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Data security means securing your data online and servers as most cyber attack are aimed towards information that is critical for the company or organization. Cybersecurity in Singapore is important as there companies in that keep their data unsecure. There are companies that provide cybersecurity services, but cybersecurity companies have face hacks and breach in their system.

It is essential for us to ensure we are not targeted by attackers and hackers. Some precautions can take:

Disk Encryption

Disk Encryption is a way to keep all the data safe as it would lock and encrypt all of the data in the disk. You would be able to do this by using software that will encrypt your drive. 

Don't use a shared drive when storing personal information.

If you have personal information such as an address, Identity numbers, and other personal info, do not store them online as it would be risky because if there is a data breach or website, the information could be leaked and affect many parties. 

The best step is to keep personal information offline on a company computer or in electronic vault stored with a password.


When it comes to personal and critical information is the best to keep it save and secure. If the information gets to the wrong hands or leaked to the public, it may lead to identity thief or worse, compromising on website security.

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