3 advantages of Colocation hosting

By olive 6 months ago
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Co-location hosting is similar to dedicated hosting but the difference between dedicated and colocation is where dedicated is for mostly rent of server and its infrastructure needed to house and maintain them but colocation means the companies has its own hardware and looking for a server space In a data center. it’s rare to see because most of the Singapore hosting company would use dedicated server over colocation server.Picking co-location will have greater advantages to gain. Here are some of the advantages:

Unlimited power

Having unlimited power will help you a lot, but when transferring the safety of your server from your office to a location might cause an electricity loss but a co-location facilities would have backup powers or generator to battle the loss of electricity

Advanced climate control system

Maintaining a perfect temperature and humidity would need require the server to operate at optimal efficiency and this could be rather tricky to achieve the balance. In colocation hosting facility will have special climate control systems that allow the data centers managers to properly maintain ideal environmental conditions


Maybe one of the top reasons companies use colocation hosting is for the security they provide. This primarily, it’s the level of control you have over your server compared to the cloud

Many industries rules state that data was being kept in a secure on- site location which most colocation can provide as they would have a data center to keep it securely

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