3 Different Hats of SEO.

By olive 1 year ago
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is a way for a small or big corporation to earn more visitors or possible customers to their website, good things can have pros and cons.When it comes to SEO, there are some companies with different hats to play, and it might affect companies’ SEO. The different methods are regularly used by companies.The different Hat of SEO:

White Hat

White Hat is a term that denotes one follows faithfully the commandments and recommendations to optimize your site for search engine algorithm. It follows the guiding principle of the search engine aka Google. Albeit slower (Compared to below) but this is the proper way to get lasting ranking results as the considerations are many.

Black Hat

Black Hat is an execution where the company will not comply with the search engine guidelines, and this would be risky as it would allow a company website to block or downgrade from the search results. Black Hat would also affect the future algorithm update would a higher rate of being ineffective, but this is still a faster method to increase a speedier search result.

Grey Hat

The risk of grey hat is not as risky then black hat. Grey hat still follows the proper principle of Search Engine Guidelines.


In a nutshell, SEO is a useful tool to gain more customers and visitors, but there are ways for other companies to bring your company down from the top. Some companies thought playing using the cards above is the fasters way to earn customers and there are companies that provide different SEO services in Singapore to help you to better improve your SEO.

Written By: Danish