5 Different trendy typography in web design

By olive 6 months ago
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A website is designed to be read by people and what you are saying online matters just how much you’re saying it. That’s why there are a number of trends of typography where people regularly use and this would worry many web design company in Singapore that rely online.Here are some of the trends of typography:

Bigger and Bolder

Big, bold, condensed and unmistakably dramatic text would be something that is much obvious use of text as primary web design element. The text is normally used in the heading or the front of the page

Elegant and class

Elegant titles and sophisticated headlines are outfitted in popular serif fonts like calluna and minion are warding off serif naysayers

Captivate with plain ole text

The visual revolution that is raising in the journalism world among other industries, Has yet to tarnish the importance and prominence of text in web design but images may speak louder than words, they don’t offer nearly as much control over what we hear.


Monospaced typefaces have emerged not only in the text-intensive setting its small point sizes but as larger elements of a site design.

Highlighted text shine bright

Designers take a page right of your school teachers book and add more colour and well-designed highlights behind the most important messages on the page

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