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When you launch your new business, you would need a website to better publicize and to get customers faster and easier. But you would need a web hosting company to start up your website and you might not know what to pick a good Singapore hosting company would have different type of hosting.

Here we will compare between both shared and dedicated hosting. But first what is Shared and Dedicated hosting.

Let me explain!

Shared hosting

Share hosting is where you purchase a space in the server but you are sharing with another website in that one server and this would quite economical option as you wouldn’t be pay a lot because you are sharing a server with much more website and the operation cost would be distributed to other users.

Running a hosting you would need some technical skills to ensure it gets up and running, issues like maintenance and security would be handled by your hosting provider. So, you wouldn’t need to worry about the responsibilities falling on your lap.

The concern companies have is security and bandwidth. These are the issues that you might face because you are sharing with different companies so the connection may not be as fast or security wouldn’t be as secure.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting means there is only one website in server not shared with everyone and its store in the web hosting provider area. The performance of the server would be high and there would be an increase in volume of traffic, the loading speed for your website would be faster and performance would be something companies should take note as its important.

The security of the server would be better protection from security risks as you are the only one using that server. The cost of a dedicated server would be an issue are it’s expensive to keep for just a website and issues like learning how to maintain, manage the server and security of the server is a problem we will face

The difference between both of the services would be security, speed and maintaining the server. Speed would be the greater concern for most companies as some users would want a website that is fast and also this could affect the SEO of the company.

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