Designing the right website for your company

By olive 6 months ago
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Designing a website from scratch is not easy, and what many companies will look out for a best web design company.


When designing a website, you would need the right content that describes your company, and there are always companies that would oversell their product. You would need some knowledge of your company, the values that defines it and ability to communicate to the web agency. The web design agency in return should interpret the design, colours and feel that best represents your company.

Here are some things to look out for in designing a website;

The right typography

Why do we need to care about the font size and style? It relevant as potential buyers would want to read about your company, reviews, and details of your product. So have a readable font that will make it look professional and neat.

Colour contrast

When picking colors, it is essential to choose one that will have contrast on your website. The best way to select the colors that similar to your company logo as it describes your company. Let’s take a look at’s site, a web design company in Singapore.They use different colors for specific services they provide (For instance SEO Services in Green and Cybersecurity Services in Red) to have contrasting colours and easy understanding for clients to navigate the site.

Picking the right content for your page

Content, or simply put the information that you put on your website design is important as well. Is your company warm and inviting ? Does your company wants to portray an image of professionalism? Having emojis and conversational-style content might bode better for a toy shop but a law firm might want to apply some restrain on this form of design.

Whatever design you have in mind, just remember make sure it is easy to navigate by your targeted clientele, ok? 😁

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