Essential UX Design

By olive 7 months ago
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User Experience is critical in web design because it would affect your traffic and visitors also your SEO. If your UX design is getting clicks with your target audience, the increase of your product as it prospers and grows.

Here are some tips on how to improve your UX design

Don't reinvent the wheel

UX design is all about engagement, there are UX designers often fail to a mentality of reinventing the wheel or trying to fix something that is not broken and it’s a desire to reinvent the wheel manifests itself in needlessly unorthodox layouts, odd colour schemes, off-putting fonts in the wrong places

Keep it simple

Having a complicated design is good but there are times the page gets jam-packet with all the elements and this would get the customers distracted.

It’s best to keep the design something user-friendly so the user would get a better focus on what they need. Each page should have a single definitive purpose and understandable by the visitors or user

Understand the target audiences need and demands

Understanding your target audience’s needs and demands would something expected but some UX designers can’t figure out the right UX design scheme. You could use online survey would help you to better understand the customer better

Make different element visually distinct

Most valuable information on the page needs to stand out the most and users need to be aware of their location on the site or app.Use action buttons need to stand out and include a clear description of their purpose and the search field needs to be visually distinct with the word “search” and looking glass icon in it, ideally.User experience is critical to a website as if your website is not user friendly, visitors would not stay long in the website and this would be an issue for your site traffic. the steps would help you and also there are web design company in Singapore to improve your website user experience.
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