First Impression counts on the web

By olive 6 months ago

In business, first impressions matter, it only takes a person 0.05 sec to form an opinion about your website. For some, this first impression of your website is the only impression they’ll ever form about your business.

So, how do you make a good first impression — and make it last? Understand and, more make your business stand out.

Do user care about the looks of the website. Yes, they do. In fact, 75% of the people who visit your website will rate web design. Having a good website design is important.

In a good web design company, the web designer will always be creative and uses both intuition and imagination to create the best web design for the customer’s website design. This takes years of practice and experience.

Here are web design trends that will help make your first impression count.

Video landing page

Most of the internet users watch videos online every week.

To make your webpage to look better, you can create a video for your page. Allowing it to interact with your user.

Parallax scrolling

What is Parallax scrolling?

It is a trend where the background is moving at a different speed from the foreground content.

It has better engage with the user and improving the overall experience of the website.

The popularity of parallax scrolling has also introduced deeper-more scrolling and single-page website designs. That makes it easier for you to manage your content and increases your user’s likelihood of seeing everything anyways.

Custom Typography

Every website needs text. Not the text font you see in your daily life. Creating your own unique typography to your logo design can draw attention to your target audience. The choice is yours to make.

Written By: Tian

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