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By olive 5 months ago
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is not easy to master, and there are common challenges that people face when it comes to SEO. This is why you would need the fundamentals of SEO because when a problem arises, there are times where a person will get stuck as they don’t know how to fix the issue.

There are always common issues people face, and there is a different way to fix it. Here are some of the problems commonly faced

Alt Tags and Broken Images

When it comes to images is the most critical part of the website as content, and the most website would include 45% of icons with missing alt tags. Sometimes where the picture is not clear or have missing or lost alt tags

Broken Links

Some links have an error or broken in their onsite SEO can be an issue. When your website increases in content, there may be times where links would have issue or 404 erros; most of the time resulting of updating of site without linking the ensuing targeted URL. This often results in 404 errors or page-cannot-be-display error. This will adversely affect your standing with search engines as they perceived your site quality is lower than before. 

Excessive On-page links

Ever seen tons of links from some forums or classifieds sites? These are interpreted (in Google’s eyes) as possible excessive page links. We do not want that to happen, so it will be good to categorize your site information in a lean matter so both crawlers and audience will be able to retrieve the information quickly and efficiently.

And Search Engines will reward you for that.


Where there are issues on Search Engine Optimization, and there are ways to fix them. Otherwise, there is an SEO agency in Singapore that would be able help fix the problem or provide SEO services (Based in Singapore). Do drop them a message to get started.

Written By: Danish 

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