The importance of SEO and online advertising services

By olive 3 years ago

If you are a business owner, then the internet presents a host of growth opportunities for your business. The internet is especially a great tool to get new customers and generate useful leads. The advantages of a well thought out online presence are just too big to ignore, and you cannot afford to let your competitors edge you out in online strategy. A good SEO and online advertisement partner is quite valuable for having a successful online presence. While there are many online advertisement services in Singapore, it is necessary for the clients to have a basic understanding of how the world of online marketing and how SEO works.

Online advertisements are quite straightforward, you pay the advertisement service providers such as Google AdWords, and the kind of advertisement you opt for determines the model at which you are charged. The most common kinds are pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-view (PPV) ads. For the first kind, the advertisement service charges you for everyone who clicks the ad, and for the second kind, you are charged based on how many see your ad. The ad service tries to target the ads based on the data they collect.

Then there are the ads on top of search engine result pages (SERPs) which are clearly labelled as ads. They are easier to target since they are displayed based on what keywords the user searches for. These ads are usually PPC kinds of ads, and in order to get your ads to be displayed for your choice of keywords, you often have to place a high bid per click so that the ad service shows your ad. Depending on the targeted keywords, the cost per visitor gained by such ads can be pretty expensive.

Investing a good amount into an online advertising campaign will undoubtedly get you more traffic. But another way that is often better is search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO means basically optimising the design and content of your web pages so that the search engine provider’s algorithms understand that your webpage contains relevant and useful content for the said keywords. This will ensure that your search result is ranked higher in the SERP and you will get a lot of visitors, all without having to pay for each visitor. It also often proves more effective than buying up a bunch of ads. Search engines try to enhance the experience of their users, and hence they trust the results that are displayed on top of the leading search engines. Also, many users instinctively steer clear of any ads, so ads cannot capture such kinds of users, but organically high ranked search results can.

Search engines customise the results and ads based on the location and search terms of the users, and how well it matches to your page content. Hence, you will likely get traffic from local users, who are much more likely to do business with you. For example, in order to get website traffic from Singapore, SEO strategy would include mentioning that your business offers services in Singapore. We at Oliveasia can offer you the necessary consultancy to ensure that your site is properly optimised for search engines. As an SEO service, our job is to determine the appropriate set of keywords for your business and then check the design, code and content of your website to inspect its favourability to search engine algorithms and suggest appropriate measures to improve upon it. One might argue that investing time and resources in SEO can provide a greater return on investment compared to plain old online advertisements.

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