Is someone listening and watching at home?

By olive 6 months ago
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Every day our world is getting more advanced and interconnected with smart home devices but it also a threat to our safety and privacy at home. Singapore have faced cyber attack on home device in the past.

This age of time, hackers find ways to compromise home devices. There are ways to keep you safe, and your family members safe from this threat.

Use Strong and effective passwords.

Having a longer password seems hard, but its a more excellent way to keep our house safer from hackers as it would dissuade potential opportunity seekers which no one would want. Obviously, we would want to avoid common mistakes such as your identification and birth dates. Try incorporating upper and lower cases passwords with a combination of punctuation marks will be a good start.

Alternatively, having a password manager will be helpful to save your awe aspiring permutations of random characters. Of course, do note let your password manager to fall into the wrong hands!

Check your setting

Some products might not be in the secure mode, which means your device can connect to any device as it’s connection might be public (Cafe free wifi?). These are the times where someone could connect to your device and take control.

Ensure your device is up to date

Sometimes, just updating your device, it will keep you safer, and it will update your security patch on your mobile device or any other device which will make the device less vulnerable.

Have the two-step verification or biometrics

The two-step verification may be a bit troublesome, but it would secure your device better, and if your device has a biometric lock, it is wise to opt in it as it’s alot harder to compromise fingerprint access device as it would it will take more time and difficulties to breach  your device.

Cyber security in Singapore is getting more important these days as more of our private information is needed for essential online services such as utilities and housing services. So it’s necessary to take steps to ensure that our private information is not expose or transacted without our explicit consent and ensuring all of our private information is not in public.

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