Is your Web Hosting secure?

By olive 5 months ago
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Web Hosting is where a company create their website and allow access on the World Wide Web. 

Web Host is where companies sell storage on their servers and provide connectivity to their clients. In Singapore, there are many quite a few hosting service companies, and many of the companies are well know and secure. But having a secure server is not always a grantee.

But you can make your web host more secure by: 

Having an access restriction

When you have restricted access to your web host, there would be a lower chance of control by an unwanted guest. Always keep access to technicians that are supposed to be there or required too

Network Monitoring

Monitoring the networks is essential as there are attackers or hackers that access or breach networks at night or early in the morning, which is dangerous as at that timing, no one is looking after.

There is software to monitor the networks and alert the owner, or they would be program to fix the issues right away.

A strong firewall

Having a secure firewall means it could be harder to access all the information from the outside, so have firewalls that would prevent unwanted access and breach of data.

Malware detection

When malware has been detected, the company should alert the clients and fix the issue right away as it could affect private information of the clients and company itself.

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