The Cyber World Isn’t Like The Real World

By olive 1 year ago

In the real world, you only must deal with the criminals in your living area. But in the Cyberworld you need to deal with online criminals all around the world as the internet has no borders.

Most of the professional hacker no longer hacking or transferring malicious software to your computer. They are making millions from their attacks. They access your computer to get your personal information or your bank account details.  A cyber attack may originate from an anonymous source. Cyber attacks have become increasingly sophisticated and dangerous

To deal with the attacks you need to have web security to protect you from these attacks. Web security is very important as it is to keep the hackers from access your personal information.

Here are ways of having your web secure.

  • Use Strong Passwords

Your password needs to need at least 8 characters with a mixture of lower-case letters, capitals, numbers, and a special character like an exclamation mark is highly recommended.  No reuse the same password on a different account.

  • Two – Factor Authorization

It will come in handy as when website recognizes an unknown IP address is used to login your account you will receive a text message to confirm with it is you. If isn’t you, you need to change your password.

  • Use a secure Networks

Look at the address bar before you login to your bank account or some other site. If the address starts with an HTTPS (the ‘S’) show that it is a secure website if it does not have the ‘S’ it is possibly a fake website.

Need help with your web security?

If you are concerned about the cyber attack Singapore, your business or other network issues, we can help you.  Cybersecurity Singapore can protect you from these attacks.

Written: Tian 

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