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By olive 8 months ago

Website with good visual hierarchy organizes UI contents are more efficient and are also more compelling for the users. That way the Website designer always pay so must attention to make their website to stand out more.

What is a good visual hierarchy? Or how do you make your website to stand out more? We are going to tell you the tip on creating a good visual hierarchy.

Firstly, what is a visual hierarchy? It refers to the arrangement and presentation of the website UI element. This is important as the user can search for the page with ease, getting the product with a few clicks. Website with a good visual hierarchy will lead to a better UX and an increase in product sales.

Secondly, Size is very important in design. The bigger the size, the more it will get the attention of the users. The size can also tell show their importance. But the size should be controlled in an acceptable range. If your text size is too big, it feels like you are screaming the user, if it is too small the user will have a hard time reading it.

Thirdly, Colors. Using color to catch the attention span of the users. Use a bright color can emphasize the importance of web content. And choose a good color to match your website content.

Lastly, the page layout. It is also a very important visual element. The page layout can be based on the product features for better content. It can be designed with the same layout page so that the user can be familiar with the website and hence allowing them to find the information needed.


Visual hierarchy not only makes a website UI beautiful and attractive. It is also effective for UX/UI designers to perfectly organize the contents. If you need a stand out your website more effectively you can hire the best website designing Singapore.

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