Web Design Trends businesses should take note

By olive 5 months ago
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Our website gives the first impression when customers visits. A first impression takes only 0.05 second of visiting your site.


How can we create a good first impression? It is to use web designs trends that will impress the potential customers and make your business website stand out. Customers might rate your credibility based on your website

Here are some trends of web design:

Video element

Adding a video element might add a little kick into your website, producing a video requires more time, money and resources. A video helps you to capture your business values in a way that neither picture can alone and plus there are website design services in Singapore that would be able to help you in the video elementIf you’re selling a conceptual product or services, A video is especially important. Adding a video to your website would be able to increase the chance of a front-page google result.

Multimedia Long Form

It means bringing your product and services to life is immersive, long-form multimedia. A multimedia format is richer than any infographic or blog post, this help your customers to visualize the experience of doing business.

Use your expertise In the ecosystem you play in to bring your product and services to life. Set a custom layout to bring in the videos, sound, charts, graphs, maps and more to tell a long story. Redesign your brand into something that is more compelling and engaging story in drop box design

Content hub

The increase demand for information is making valuable content one of the best ways to generate leads and build brand recognition. Ask question like what kind of information does your visitors are looking for? If you know, it just stumbles upon a stellar that. Take advantage of your knowledge you have and get it out to potential customers to benefit

First Design Principle

All businesses should think in the terms of principles first. Having the same principle that guide your product or service should be your website design process’s priority as it serves as a guide staying on the design perspective and objectives.

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