Why Should I pay more if I have free web hosting?

By olive 8 months ago
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When it comes to web hosting, It may be quite costly for some start-up companies, and yes, there is free web hosting provided by companies, but there are caveats and sometimes even sticky terms which is hard to fathom.

Though there are good things about both free hosting and paid professional hosting, there are still differences between the two. 


Speed is an essential part which can have notable impact on a website. As user experience is critical and most users will take note of the loading time of the website. If you use free hosting, many times the loading speed might be slower, when compared to the paying web hosting service, the load speed would be snappier, and this would be a boon for user experience.

Number of Advertisements

Another speed related reason might make you rethink fremium hosting. Free hosting services might slow down sometimes from loading of a lot of advertisements, they got to make some revenue somewhere. This could affect your website; in some extreme cases, it could lead to malware infection. This might decrease the number of customers as they might be annoyed about the ads marring their experience.


Customer Service

Customer Service is valuable as if your website is down, it would be the first contact point with the company. Free hosting usually will bring you to the FAQ page only or an obligatory contact form that takes ages to reply. For paid hosting, there would have guides, tutorials and tech support to help you, even onsite customer service personnel when needed in some cases.  Do check out this Singapore web hosting company that provide that extra support for the clients.

Written By: Danish 

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