Are you protected against Cyber Crime?

By olive 12月 ago

Singapore is a safe country, but we are also safe in the cyber world? If Singapore is under an attack, the army will be rapidly deployed to defend Singapore. But what if the attack is from the cyber world? We cannot jack into the cyberworld or knowing who is attacking as cyber-attack can be from anywhere around the world.

In recent years, there have been several Cyber Attacks happening in Singapore.

These are taken from the TODAYonline

“In June last year, Singapore suffered it’s worst-ever cyberattack where hackers broke into SingHealth’s IT systems to steal the data of 1.5 million patients and records of the outpatient medication.”

“In another incident, the medical records of 14,200 HIV-positive people were illegally disclosed online by a non-local perpetrator”

In Singapore, there are 5,430 cybercrime cases in a year on average while the CSA detected 23,420 phishing web addresses with a Singapore link.

Web Security is very important as it protects us from these cybercrimes.

Written By: Tian

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